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Jacquemus estrenó su colección «L’amour» en campos de trigo

18/07/2020 | 03:48 pm

CARACAS.- El diseñador francés, Simon Porte Jacquemus, estrenó este viernes su colección de verano 2021 llamada «Lamour» (El amor), la cual contó con una amplia pasarela ubicada en un campo de trigo, respetando las medidas de bioseguridad para evitar contagios por el covid-19.

Mediante sus redes sociales el diseñador presentó su colección que viene con este nuevo concepto creativo, alejado de los campos de lavanda de la edición del año pasado.

Edición UR

A pesar de que la mayoría de las casas de moda del mundo están optando por presentar sus nuevas colecciones por medio de formatos digitales, Jacquemus se arriesgó presentando esta colección en un campo localizado en París.

Los asistentes se ubicaron al frente de la pasarela, en sillas ubicadas en medio de la plantación, manteniendo el distanciamiento requerido por la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS). 

El negro, blanco, beige, y tonos tierra marcaron la pauta en este desfile que agradeció el público asistente.

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"As an idea for this collection, L’Amour began as something different. I imagined people gathered together celebrating love. Alexander Ekman’s choreography of wheat tossed passionately through the air. Emir Kursturica’s film, Time of the Gypsies with its enchanting realism. These scenes of ceremony large and small. But what’s so beautiful about L’Amour is how it can endure—sometimes even grow stronger—in the absence of people being together. Not long after my team was separated from each other, we were all in our homes feeling the desire to work, and a new vision of the collection emerged. We became a human chain, every step of the creative process executed with love. In fact, every decision I make concerning JACQUEMUS is motivated first by love and common sense. It’s why we shifted to a more sustainable rhythm last year, with two shows combining menswear and womenswear, held in January and June. This decision ended up saving us this season, since we had received all our fabric orders ahead of the confinement. Deciding to go ahead with our usual collection schedule and with a show is at the heart of our visual identity, our commercial strategy. With this smaller collection, presented mainly to our family and friends, we bring our interior worlds out into the open, interpreting the humble fabrics and objects we live with that have their own poems to tell. Within the home, L’Amour reveals itself in small wonders. Separate but collectively, we realized that the home is a place of endless inspiration. These impressions are what I wanted to recreate in this setting today, where we have been fully sensitive to the circumstances. My team has put in an enormous effort these last few months, and I am so grateful that we arrived here, that we are gathered together in the end. For me, it is important for people to see that a true celebration of L’Amour is universal." Simon

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